CFC© Module

This CFC© module by Jaeger facilitates communication with the vehicle control modules using CAN-bus.
This CFC© module by Jaeger includes a diagnostic function using two LEDs..


CAN-bus Frequency Control Module

The CFC© module has been designed to be used in modern cars with CAN-bus technology. (Controlled Area Network). This allows the auxiliary wiring harness to integrate with the vehicle CAN-bus system in order to manage and control various critical functions. Inside the module is a microprocessor that has been programmed specifically to communicate with the other control modules of the vehicle.

The CFC module controls and monitors all the lighting functions on the trailer or rear carrier. It can also check for a bulb failure on the trailer and warn the driver with increased flasher frequency and/or a warning on the instrument cluster. In addition to lighting functions, it also supports various safety and comfort features such as rear parking sensor deactivation, trailer stability programs, blind spot monitoring systems and advanced braking systems.
The Jaeger CFC module microprocessor is programmed for each specific vehicle make and model to ensure seamless communication through the vehicle CAN-bus system thereby enabling central control of all trailer lighting functions.

The CFC© module also includes a Diagnostic Function using two control LEDs. This ensures that an incorrect fitment can be quickly diagnosed and corrected.